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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what, the o's are heading to the postseason. >> things cannot go their way tonight in the sunshine state when tampa bay beat them 5-3. new york and then beat boston. we have team coverage of the post season push. more on the fan excitement. we begin tonight with gilbert, live in st. petersburg with the team. >> it was a game -- two very good pitchers of the to their expectations. the orioles blank first and made a big mistake. they battled back and had a comeback that came up just short. they no longer control their own destiny in the american league east but with a representation from orioles fans here. they were loud. bottom seventh. jimenez breaks open the game with a 2 rbi double.
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topped by chris davis. he is on. 6 straight game with a home run. hit the ceiling. do you know how hard that is to do? at the joint afterwards understanding the magnitude of losing this game and not keeping pace with the yankees. >> we cannot take care of our business. cannot control other people. we lost. that is something we had control over. when it comes to the yankees, you cannot control them. or angels when -- if the a's or angels win, that would eliminate tampa. coming up later, we hear about tonight's game from chris davis. >> the o's turn to the
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postseason has been a long time coming to request the last time they reached the playoffs, nanny machado was 5. adam jones was 12. if that does that to be another perspective, the movie titanic was released that november. "candle in the wind" was the biggest hit of the year and gas in baltimore was $1.27. fans are still buzzing about this postseason bound team. >> everybody be saw and that was very excited. the rest of the world as finally acknowledging the two -- what the true believers have known all along. the o's fully can take all the way. even the odds makers are adjusting the odds to 14-1 that they can win the world series. it is a big difference. at the beginning of this season,
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they said the cuts at 150-1. fans converged to rally for the hunt for orange october. >> thank you. chris davis. thank you. it means the world. >> fans came decked out in good luck charms. he says he is sworn in this ensemble to 61 games this season. he credits the return of the oral bird logo bring back -- the oriole burr local magic bringing back. >> and number of fans tellus' the celebratory spirit remind them of that glory days. they never stop supporting them even during season after season of disappointment. >> i never stopped i got laughed at for the past 14 years.
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now people at my work want to go -- the orioles are doing great. >> yesterday night when i found out the angels lost, i cried. >> this couple is instilling the same team spirit in their corporate >> we are big fans. we want her to get into sports. it is competitive and teaches good morals. >> the orioles baseball store camp -- at camden yards almost all and 2 yards -- two hours early. >> i am going to a least one of the games. >> fans are already on the road making sure the players see orange and black in the stands. the playoffs and here is not limited to hats and t-shirts. you can find everything. even aren't a black iphone covers.
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you can go to our mallets marmite at a power plant from 6:00 to 8:00 -- you can go to the power plant tomorrow from 6:00 to endicott. >> in a tie-breaker game might be played between the orioles and yankees on thursday if the teams are tied in a standing after wednesday's night game. tickets go on sale tomorrow for season-ticket holders between 10:00 a.m. and noon and and from noon until 2:00 to fans in the massing vieweing area. that includes maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, virginia, west virginia. tickets will then go on sale to the general public at 2:00 p.m. at our website, you can catch photos of excited fans and the le bird.d -- the oriokl buckle up.
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ship pitches with us by tapping u local on the wbal app. >> a baltimore -- firefighter is insulted -- accused of assaulting two teenage boys. >> the alleged incident happened in may and june of this year. police found out about it recently. based on what they have learned, they think there might be other victims out there. anthony maurice cottle is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. >> one of the victims came to police last week and reported he had been sexually abused by this man. sometime between may and june of this year. >> police say anthony maurice cottle stayed with the boy's family and the incident happened inside of the family's home. police would i give an exact location in order to protect the victims identity. but the boy told us he'd
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witnessed one of his friends who was also a 14-year old boy being sexually abused by this suspect. >> cottle has been a probationary firefighter since december of last year and is also a volunteer firefighter with the lansdowne the apartment. we reached out to the volunteer department multiple times for comment but not not her back from them. we also stopped by his apartment. it woman declined to talk to us on camera but defended him to read as up to another man off- camera who said he is suspicious of the charges. the man said he trusts cottle with his own children. police are investigating all allegations. >> based on what was hearing -- heard from the victims and other people being interviewed by our detectives, we believe there may be more victims. >> because there may be more victims, police are acting any -- asking any potential victims to come forward.
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>> right now we are following a developing story out of baltimore county. police are investigating the objection and sexual assault of a woman and are worried about a possible connection to another case. investigators say the female victim was waiting for a bus around 12:00 this afternoon near evanson avenue. two black males buildup and a vehicle and pull the victim inside. one suspect had a gun. the woman said she was sexually assaulted and dropped off at an undisclosed area. she was taken to hospital for treatment. investigators are determining whether this attack was related to a reduction in the same area last tuesday. an 18-year-old woman was conducted by a lone gunman and forced into a vehicle detectives said the man stole her money, i'd be in camera and then released her unharmed. we will get it were from baltimore city police that they are vested getting impossible of
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the action of a female mayor druid park. there is no word on whether she was robbed. city police say they are not sure of this incident is related to either of those cases. >> in baltimore city high school student is an unstable condition after he was stabbed at heritage high school. a person was taken into question after the stabbing which is located on the formal lake clifton campus. happened about 11:00 this morning. the victim was taken to hospital after receiving treatment from the school nurse. officials say appropriate consequences will be carried out in accordance with the student discipline cold -- code. it taught nearly drowned in edgewood. it was in the 1300 block of gold meadow way. the 2-year-old girl was of the hospital. her condition is not met.
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>> a woman tonight said three men posing as water department workers injured an elderly woman's home. she was not hurt and no property was taken. investigators believed they were casing her home for valuable than planned to return later. residents are urged to ask for it and a vacation. >> citizens for and against the proposal look out at a commune -- community meeting tonight. the plan calls for the creation of a new loop through the park, adding 96 parking spots. it would accommodate rec center renovations and new senior center but opponents said the move would eliminate too much green space. >> i think there is a need for in the the the the parking but not to the extent they are proposing. -- there is a need for a little bit of parking but not to the
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extent they are proposing. >> more than 2600 signatures were gathered. >> it was one rapid after another after another. >> up next, the haunting words of lee malvo in a new interview. >> the men vying for the white house sent to battle of the of the first round of presidential debates. a preview coming up. >> showers moving into the mid atlantic. a sign of what is to come for the next few days. 63 at bwi.
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>> tomorrow as the 10th anniversary of the beginning of a deadly shooting spree in the area as two gunmen opened fire of unsuspecting victims. john allen mohammed and his young accomplice lee malvo kildee 10 and injured others. in a rare interview, lee malvo is talking about those days on the lawn and apologizing for its actions. >> i was a monster. if you look at the definition, that is what a monster is. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. that is the definition of a monster. >> lee malvo and mahamadou were
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vick -- were both convicted. he serves a life sentence without parole. >> two days before voters will hear the first presidential debate. >> both candidates are in preparation mode. new polls show the president and mitt romney are locked in a close contest. we are in washington with what is at stake. >> with the clock ticking toward the first face-off at the university of denver, both candidates are hunkering down. president obama and the presidentprep mill in vegas -- in debate prep mode in the. a weekend visit to church with mitt romney and a practice session with this debate team. >> there tried to be as real as possible. he has been wearing a suit and tie. the are trying to get those answers crisp and appealing.
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>> he covers the mitt romney campaign for politico, which shows him trailing for the president. >> president obama has the upper hand but it is close enough that with a strong performance in denver, mitt romney could take the lead in the national polls. >> a washington post poll of the majority of voters think the president will win wednesday's debate. >> well you have a very close election nationally, president obama does have the edge in the key swing states. >> some of the reasons were spent for the disparity. >> there is a much broader lock in.'majority of voters do not want more information. that is the context they will be addressing. >> that poll shows obama with an 11 point lead and a dusting states but mitt romney advisers believe many undecided voters are still up for grabs and say they will -- mitt romney will hold his message.
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>> now, your 11 insta weather forecaster christopher's showers, -- your insta weather forecast. >> the showers are fairly light. you can see west of the mountains, the rain is much heavier. all that will continue to shift slowly to the north and east. the pressure is drawing moisture off the gulf of mexico and up to the mountains. it will grassley word to the next day and a half or so. at bwi, the total rain -- a little bit of a deficit for the month of december. it is looking promising.
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semin to degrees. that is average for the day. 48 for the menlo -- for the morning low. probably will not see temperatures cooling off much at all. i think it will be rain around for the morning rush hour. 55 in the coolest burster is 62 in a downtown bar to more -- 62 in downtown baltimore. even though we will see clouds and showers for tuesday and parts of wednesday, temperatures will continue to be above normal. wednesday, a few isolated showers. expected to stay mainly cloudy. thursday and friday, some sun. tomorrow, 73-78. in light southeast wind. showers are likely.
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western maryland, temperatures will stay in the 60's for a couple days. showers are likely to mark. 80% chance. that the minister is as we get further into the week. eastern shore, rain likely to mark. off and on. fog also in the morning. temperatures warm to 79 on the eastern shore. clearing a lid on wednesday. -- a little on wednesday. day. low 80's on thursday and friday. the the the temperature drop by sunday and monday. high temperatures in the low 60's. after jay leno, stick around for a late night from jimmy fallon. >> -- congratulations to the
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orioles their first playoff in 15 years. joanna garcia. tonight on late night after jay leno. >> the orioles suffered a setback in st. petersburg. that story next. good evening. tonight jackpot has an estimated at nearly $750,000. 28,e winning numbers -- 35, 39, 9, 43, and 1. multi match # -- 35, 28, 39, 9,
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43, 1. next drawing is thursday night at 11:22. for the latest news,- ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time
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>> this is 11 sports. >> drama to the very end but not to the final end of the regular season of the orioles. ninth inning comeback comes up short. two games left, they fall one game out of the first after ofto tampa tonight, 5-3. they break it off into seven. jimenez with the rbi into the
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corner and right. the double brings in a pair of runs. the orioles fight back. ninth inning. chris davis drills one high. clatters around off of the ruse. that is by ground rule a home run. two on, two out. anxdy chavez. fernando to end it. the o's come up short. losing 5-3. the orioles have shown great resiliency all season long but they need to do it again to win the division. we are joined a live. give us a sense. >> it is one of those things again -- you would assume that this. with two games left, having given away the ability to win thealeast -- the al east and take care of their own business.
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what we as in all year is the most resilient team i've ever seen in the way they handle things, they assessed the lost and are ready to move on. >> they have to keep their wants to a minimum. a lot of times will have games against them, it will be a big inning just like any major team. >> manny has been so little plank -- has been so good playing 3rd base. >> i think he understands that as part of the game. playing on turf. a little different surface. you cannot make excuses but at the same time, he probably has not had a lot of games in the league. >> the way they handled it, and a very good fashion. texas, 93 and 66.
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the orioles are at 92 and 68. the a's and rangers are tied, two a piece. the fact that there were 13,666 in attendance and about 2000 oriole fans does not speak well for representation for camp up. however, it was very loud. more fans will be here and it will be even louder. a big taste -- test awaits the orioles on tuesday. if oakland winds, tambo would be eliminated from the postseason. when the raven's head back on the road, they have a chance to achieve something we have never seen with joe flacco as quarterback. three straight games passing for more than 300 yards. up 382 passing yards against the patriots. follows that with 337 against the browns.
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but how he delivers those numbers matter is even more. he completed passes to 10 different targets this season. it complicates life for opponents because by spreading the ball around, the ravens key defenses from thinking if they stop rate rise, they stop the offense. they stopped the offense. >> you pretty much said it. i could be more creative but i cannot think of anything right now. people cannot zero in on one guy. you cannot say it is just ray rice. that is a good thing. >> they play kansas city on sunday. the orioles will have played their first playoff game. we do not know where it will be. because they lost tonight does that mean they still cannot win the division. if they win, they will start on
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saturday. >> if they tie, they will play at camden yards on thursday to determine who wins the division. >> some people are guessing that tie-breaker game. >> are in, not blue. >> no blue. >> we are all for that. >> we will not know who will play into wednesday night. they could play at oakland. and they could play in baltimore. the orioles will be playing one of those days the least. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> off and on showers tonight. tapering off wednesday morning. when the rain moves out, it will still be warm for a couple of days. 80's thursday and friday. a front coming through on the weekend. really bringing some fall weather. mondays, mondays60's -- monday, low 60's. >> that is all. >> that is all. jay leno is up
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this.
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try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- emmy award winner, bryan cranston. from the new movie "pitch perfect,


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